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Thursday, January 4, 2007

iFAQ #1

What is an iFAQ?

An iFAQ is an infrequently asked question. My devotees are too intimidated to actually ask me questions. They content themselves with obeisance and shiny things. So, as usual, I have to do all the work and compose my own iFAQs. Also, adding the "i" makes me hip and relevant, like an iPod (or an iGod).

What, exactly, constitutes your realm?

As a household deity, my realm is not the entire Kingdom of Heaven. I am the deity of The Kingdom of the Heaven of Unit Six.

Wait, so what happens when you travel? Are you just a regular person?

I am never a regular person, partly because I am made of ceramic. But mostly it's because I am surrounded by a sphere of power and authority, kind of like the pink bubble in which the good witch Glinda travels. It makes the little bit of space around me part of The Kingdom of the Heaven of Unit Six, much the way an embassy is foreign soil on native land.


lucimama said...

iGod or iGoddess?

Oh, and I think we definitely need some WWGD wristbands! Or maybe aprons or dusters or something, since she has a thing for cleanliness.

mel said...

the glittery version of flylady perhaps....