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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Falls, But How Much? Film at Eleven.

We got our first snow of the season yesterday. It looked more impressive last night, but going outside to take pictures would have required me to leave the comfort and adulation of the Kingdom of the Heaven of Unit Six and my acolyte to change out of the pajamas she'd been wearing all day. Let's be honest, she had been wearing them all weekend.

So this morning I walked to work with my acolyte to check out the snowfall. I would have preferred to ride on a litter, but mostly I was in her coat pocket. At one point I was indecorously sprayed by a salt truck. Life is rough when you leave the Kingdom of the Heaven of Unit Six.

Here I am looking coy by some wood pylons.

It may appear that this holly bush is attacking me, but it is actually offering me shelter and love.

Obligatory shot of the Capitol with its nearly imperceptible mantle of snow. (And yes, that street sign does say "G Unit.")

From my vantage point in this tree I can survey my territory and my minions.

This fence looks a bit like a cathedral. A cathedral to me.

All the fences and bare tree limbs make this look like layers of delicate bones assembled in a museum.

The ice makes these berries shiny. That's what I like to see.

I bless this plant with greenness.

And I minister to these poor cold and forlorn pansies.

I visited the embassy of Zimbabwe.

And the fountain in DuPont Circle, which was quite a popular photo spot. I had to wait in line. I could have smited my way to the front of the line, but I am too polite for that. (And don't tell me it's "smote"; I prefer smited. If you have a problem with that I'll smite you and force you to say you were smited when describing it to friends.)

All in all, however, Gretchen is not impressed. Work was not cancelled or even delayed, so I consider it an inadequate snowfall. Try to do better next time, Mother Nature, or you may be deposed by an unassuming looking yet powerful and vengeful ballerina.


mel said...

i think we got your 'adequate snowfall'

i'm thinking at least a foot of the white stuff....

and yay for the pictures. i love pictures of gretchen out and about...

k8 said...

i LOVE it

-k8 from g*